Energy transitions, electricity deregulation and empowering consumers in the US

How has deregulation of electricity markets given more power to the consumers?

How can technology help developing countries leapfrog in the energy transition?

What can we learn from the Texas electricity grid crisis of 2021?

All your questions on this and more answered on this episode where Jesson Bradshaw, CEO of Energy Ogre joins me in a conversation.

Reforms in the electricity sector have been one of the success stories globally, at least to an extent. Countries which have followed a textbook approach of de-regulation have been successful in reaping the benefits in terms of having an efficient independent system across generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. US is one of the countries that has a robust system in place post de-regulation and Jason shares the story of how the US got here over the years and most importantly, how this company empowers consumers to make better decisions when it comes to purchasing electricity.

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About Jesson

Jesson Bradshaw began his career in the mid 90’s trading power in the WECC, ERCOT and SERC before taking commercial responsibility for Dynegy’s Midwest and Southeast generation portfolio. In 2003, Jesson co-founded Fulcrum Energy. Fulcrum’s focus was based upon commercially managing generation resources nationwide with a particular focus on ERCOT while having both generation assets and LSE companies in its portfolio. Following a sale of the retail businesses in 2011, Jesson co-founded Energy Ogre in 2013. Energy Ogre is an electricity agent/management company using applied technologies to secure tailor-made plans for their members that make the most sense for using electricity. Energy Ogre manages the entire contract process, including renewals, and handles any issues that may arise–saving members time and money.

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