Chef crafted plant-based meat alternatives

Globally one-fourth of the greenhouse gas emissions come from food production. It includes everything like farming, dairy and meat industries. In fact dairy and meat account for nearly 15% of the emissions. So how can a brand contribute to less land, less water and fewer emissions while selling plant-based meat alternatives?

On this episode Todd Boyman, Co-Founder & CEO of Hungry Planet joins me for an insightful conversation.

The origins of hungry planet

“From the beginning, we approached the opportunity differently. We’d already been eating plant-based meat for decades, but we knew that in order to transform our food system, we had to create delectable plant-based meats to fit our modern lifestyle. We set out on a mission to craft a wide range of proteins to feed our growing human family, regenerate our environment, enhance personal health, and increase animal well-being. Crucially, they had to be a simple switch for conventional meat, while also delivering superior nutrition. “

After a decade of culinary R&D, we developed the most authentic and complete range of plant-based meats available in the world – and the innovation continues. Our expert chefs perfected Hungry Planet® Chicken, Beef, Pork, Italian Sausage, Chorizo and Crab, enabling more chefs and customers to make an easy plant-based swap in any recipe, any cuisine.

3 reasons why you should try hungry planet’s plant based meat alternatives

Less water – Hungry Planet meats consume 62 to 91% less blue and grey water than conventional meats.

Less land – Hungry Planet meats require 52 to 79% less agricultural land than conventional meats.

Fewer emissions – Hungry Planet meats generate 42 to 89% lower greenhouse gas emissions than conventional meats.

What’s next for the hungry planet?

“Hungry Planet is now in thousands of venues across the U.S., Australia and New Zealand including fine dining, fast casual, university, hospital, retail, grocery, deli, and, through our philanthropic arm, we’ve helped provide over 1 million Hungry Planet meals to public K-12.”

“Our greatest hope is that we’re making it easier for people to choose plant-based meats, and we believe that our collective food choices have the power to heal our world.” 

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