A service model for wastewater treatment

Did you know that water that is treated well can be reused?

Water treatment as a service is now available where you pay for every litre of water reused from treatment. What’s more, it also meets your requirements in terms of local government compliance.

The Boson White Water System involves a 11 stage treatment process where the output is pure drinking water

All your questions on how to get started with wastewater treatment answered on this episode where Vikas Brahmavar, Director at Trans Water joins me for a conversation.

Water is a stressed asset globally without a shadow of doubt. The only differentiator is the stress level. Some countries can manage by just using regulated piped supply while some countries have to deplete the ground water assets to be able to sustain normal lifestyle.  But, the situation can be improved by a simple change to our lifestyle which is the topic of this episode’s discussion.

To find out more about Vikas https://transwaters.com/ | https://twitter.com/brahmavarvikas

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About Vikas

Vikas Brahmavar  is a Director at Trans Water System Pvt. Ltd. He is working in the Water Industry for the past 12 years. Prior to that was working in London for few Investment Banking Industry on the Software Side. He moved back to India in 2008 to work on Water and currently is looking to bring Sustainability for Cities of India. He recently won award at CNN as Water Warrior of India on MISSION PAANI.

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