All about Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

What is Mobility as a Service (MaaS) all about?

How can MaaS help cities reduce the car ownership?

What are the emerging global trends around MaaS? Can we combine housing rents with mobility subscription?

All your questions on this and more answered on this episode where Sampo Hietanen, CEO of MaaS Global joins me on this episode.

The theme Mobility as a Service, ‘MaaS’, has been used interchangeably by various stakeholders to suit their convenience. What exactly is MaaS? How did the concept originate and where is it headed? There is no one better than Sampo to talk about it. Sampo came up with the concept in early 200s and has developed it into a revolutionary idea.

Key takeaways from the conversation

  • MaaS is increasingly gaining momentum with more global cities voluntarily inviting mobility operators to initiate mobility services in the region.
  • In general people around the world spend 20% of their earnings for transportation and related emissions is between 17% (Global) to 30% (US).
  • Electrification, Automation and Service Offerings will be the 3 key drivers for Mobility as a Service.
  • Car free cities? Yes, with Mobility as a Service car ownership can be reduced.
  • The next big thing in Mobility as a Service is combining residential rent with mobility pricing in a single subscription. House rentals plus mobility packages are the next big thing coming on the Whim platform – Taking Mobility as a Service to the next level indeed.

So what’s your dream package of mobility that you would prefer? Let Sampo and MaaS global team know about it and it could be soon available on the Whim platform.

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About Sampo

Sampo Hietanen is an (CEO,) entrepreneur and globally sought-after speaker, who has invented the groundbreaking concept of MaaS, which is set to revolutionise the 10 trillion euro transport sector. His background is in civil engineering. Before founding MaaS Global he headed international businesses in the field.  He is the founding CEO of MaaS Global Ltd, a company that works with local transportation service providers to improve the service level of city transport. Its Whim mobile application aims to develop a compelling alternative to a private car for city dwellers. As an access point to all city transport services it integrates public transport, taxi, car rental to city bikes, e-scooters and more under one easy to use application. On Whim users can plan, book and pay trips in one application. Like a true MaaS application it also includes monthly subscription plans. 

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