Enabling Climate Action for companies

How did Greta Thunberg inspire climate action around the world?

How did a company that started off as a provider of carbon footprint assessments grow into a MNC that is offering businesses an end-end transparent climate action strategy?

All you need to know about ClimatePartner’s 5 step process for climate action is on this episode.

I’m joined by Tristan A. Foerster, Managing Director of ClimatePartner on this conversation.

5 step process for climate action

Climate Partner enables companies and their customers to take climate action. They have a five step process to enable their partners do this. 1) Carbon footprint 2) Product carbon footprint 3) Reducing carbon emissions 4)Offsetting carbon emissions 5) Communicating with transparency

In addition to that they also help around green energy, technology integrations, sustainable supply chains, science based targets and tree planting.

What does carbon neutral mean for a company?

Every company causes carbon emissions, which further boost the greenhouse effect. Climate action means recording all emissions in order to continuously reduce and avoid them. It is consistent to offset all unavoidable emissions with a carbon offset project. The effect on the global climate thus remains neutral overall and the company becomes carbon neutral.

Action Item – So if you want to check your carbon footprint and know how you can reduce or offset your emissions, go take a test  https://you.climatepartner.com/en/

To know more about Tristan and the work of ClimatePartner https://www.climatepartner.com/en

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About Tristan

Tristan A. Foerster has been the Managing Director of ClimatePartner since 2011. The economics graduate (Freiburg, Paris) was the personal assistant of Roland Berger and advised banks and insurance companies. He has experience in the business development of online service providers such as Lycos Europe as well as in the internationalisation and marketing of be2’s online dating service in more than 30 countries. Tristan Foerster has founded a number of online media and e-commerce start-ups, among them PriceCrash AG.

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