Enabling the transition to electric mobility – What’s holding us back?

What’s holding us back from adopting electric mobility in a big way? When can India see an increased uptake of EVs? How did the Nordic region get there?

On this episode, Awadhesh Kumar Jha joins me to discuss this topic in detail particularly covering three points

  1. What is it about the mind set of people that is required to enable the shift to personal electric mobility?
  2.  The narrative around the policy and the communication from the government agencies which is essential for both the manufacturers and the general public.
  3.  Debunking the myths around the transition to electric mobility with a few references to other countries.

On the policy front listen to why it is not advisable to set sector wise electrification targets when the entire automobile sector is under private control.

About Awadhesh Kumar Jha

Awadhesh Jha is the Vice  President – Charge & Drive, Fortum Charge & Drive India. Fortum, a clean energy company has embarked upon a journey in India to transform mobility in India by providing Energy as a Service (EaaS) to Electrical Vehicles. He has over 29 years of experience in the energy industry spanning across Government and Private sector. He brings with him first-hand experience in Policy formulation, Strategic Planning, General Management, Business Development, Project Development in PPP mode, Land Acquisition, Environment & Forest Clearances and its compliances, Contract Documentation & Management, Techno- Commercial Negotiation, Asset Management of Solar Projects, establishing and running new business  in Power Sector by assuming leadership position in Private and Government sector.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn where he is very active. ( https://in.linkedin.com/in/awadhesh-kumar-jha-0697a28)

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