Impact of COVID-19 on Small Scale Solar Rooftop Market

In recent months COVID-19 has definitely had an impact on the global economy. This is the first episode of the series where the discussions will be around how COVID-19 will impact the global transition to the zero carbon economy.  On this episode, entrepreneurs Harsha Kuntur from EcoSoch Solar and Sishir Garemella from Sunvest Capital join me to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the Small Scale Solar Rooftop Market in India.

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  • Will there be a consumer demand for solar from common consumers and small scale industries in the immediate months after COVID-19 settles down?
  • Will the start-ups without a long-term vision fold up at the end of it?
  • Will entrepreneurs’ and companies in the small scale rooftop market collaborate more going forward?
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So hope you enjoyed the conversation as much as I did in recording it. Well, it felt like a good casual chat but with deeper insights with two experts in the space. I would definitely encourage you to strengthen your relationships with friends and industry colleagues during these times. It definitely throws up a lot of interesting ideas. One thing is quite clear from the conversation, as Sishir and Harsha mention, there is definitely optimism in the entrepreneur’s mind when it comes to the state of solar rooftops in the medium and long term; but there is no hiding the fact that in the short term its going to be on a survival mode. Entrepreneurs who are in the game for the long term like Harsha and Sishir are definitely using this time to evaluate new ideas and are also looking for avenues to collaborate with potential partners. So Post COVID-19 I can definitely sense that  there will be even more collaboration between entrepreneurs and companies in India and around the world. As the saying goes crisis will bring people together. In this case clean-tech entrepreneurs and companies together. No matter what the crisis is,  the human spirit will always triumph.

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