A review of 2010s and predictions for the decade ahead

The first post of 2020 is unlike the regular topic or conversation I have on the podcast because it is the start of a new year and a new decade. So I just thought I will take this opportunity to look ahead and see what are the major trends that could  shape the way  we transition to a zero carbon economy or as I call it Mission Shunya. But just as I started preparing to look ahead, I thought what if I look back and reflect on the decade that we just wrapped up. Wouldn’t that be a good idea. It also has  a personal angle to it considering that for about 9 out of the 10 years I have been clean-tech professional, launched a couple of clean-tech podcasts, a blog (this) and over the years I did see a lot of positives and negatives in the decade.

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So how  about a top 10 or list of 10 trends, stories or the cleantech buzz that caught our attention in the last decade?? Wouldn’t that be interesting? So here’s my top 10 from the last decade, just a quick disclaimer, this is in no particular order but something I feel had a significant impact in clean-tech and sustainable development in the last decade. Feel free to let me know your views. (Links to subscribe and listen:here)

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The trends that will shape the decade ahead

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