Meet the new Meat

Part 1

The meat industry accounts for about 15% of the total annual greenhouse gas emissions and the growth in global meat consumption will increase by 15% by 2027. On the first of two part series on meat alternatives Laura Wellesley (Chatham House) and Meera Zassenhaus (New Harvest) share ideas and regulatory perspective behind the advocacy for meat alternatives.

 Laura and Meera highlight the impact of current meat consumption which has a very negative impact on the environment like  Amazon forest fires are attributed to the need to clear more land for cattle rearing. Most countries in the world are at crossroads when addressing the demands for a growing global population like what Brazil is trying to do with the Amazon but we also need to address the concerns from the potential negative impacts on the planet, which calls for an effective policy making. So as EU prepares for a mass adoption of cultured meat and entry of disruptive stratus in the space, the report from Chatham house is at a right time or is it?

Part 2

In recent months, the lawmakers in the US have been tough on the meat alternatives industry especially in the way how products are labelled and marketed. So how are US start-ups bracing up for a face-off with the regulators and what can the European Union (EU) learn from the growth of the industry in US.  Finally, what can consumers like you and I expect from the market. On the second of the two part series on meat alternatives Laura Wellesley (Chatham House) and Meera Zassenhaus (New Harvest) share their views on the evolution of the alternate meat industry from the consumer end.  For more info check the report by Chatham House on Meat Analogues for EU and projects funded by New Harvest. |

Also, Madison Marshall, a sustainability evangelist from US shares her views on the products available in the US market like the Quorn, Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat and ChickP.

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